GFW Instrument Hire is offered to help new students get started.

Instruments are available from Room MG06 on the ground floor.

Hires are controlled by Michael Dick

GFW has a good range of Fiddles in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 4/4 sizes.

There are small numbers of Accordions, Bhodrans, Cellos, Guitars & Mandolins.

We also have a number of Soprano sized Ukuleles used for Come & Try events.

Instrument hires generally fall into 3 categories, all are subject to availability.

 1. Loans of instruments for a whole term

Term hires are generally for beginners who are trying a new instrument for a term to see if they like it, prior to purchasing their own instrument.

We charge a non refundable fee for the term. (Usually 7 weeks)

£20 Per Term - Accordion, Banjo, Cello, Adult Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin

£10 Per Term - Bodhran, Ukulele, Junior Fiddle, Junior Guitar

Instruments are issued on the first night of term and must be returned on the last night of that term.

A £20 deposit will be charged for all hires, refunded on return of the instrument.

 2. Single nightly loans of instruments.

To help students when their own instrument is being repaired. These loans are free.

 3. Instrument Sales.

Smaller instruments Whistles / Ukuleles are often cheaper to purchase than hire.

We have a stock of Whistles and nearly-new Ukuleles which can be purchased from GFW.

Accordion - Beginners
Tutor: Alan Shute
Fiddle - Beginners 2
Tutor: Bernadette Kellerman
5-String Banjo
Tutor: Garry McFadden
Guitar - Beginners
Tutor: Seán Gray
Ukulele 6
Tutor: Finlay Allison
Mandolin - Improvers
Tutor: Nigel Gatherer
Fiddle - Intermediate 3
Tutor: Dan Thorpe
Accordion - Absolute Beginners
Tutor: Sarah Alexander
Guitar - Improvers
Tutor: Mike Bryan
Fiddle - Absolute Beginners
Tutors: Sandy Forbes & Sally Simpson
Mixed Instrument II
Tutor: Seán Gray / Celine Donoghue
Ukulele 5
Tutor: Ian Murray
Fiddle - Technique
Tutor: Douglas Lawrence
Tutor: Hannah Rarity
Whistle - Beginners
Tutor: Sarah Markey
Fiddle - Improvers 3
Tutor: Trish Strain
Accordion - Intermediate
Tutor: John Carmichael
Tenor Banjo
Tutor: Celine Donoghue
Guitar - Improvers 2
Tutor: John Newman
Fiddle - Intermediate 2
Tutor: Emma Tomlinson
Mandolin - Intermediate
Tutor: Laura-Beth Salter
Ukulele 2
Tutor: Steve Fivey
Mixed Instrument I
Tutor: Katherine Macleod / Sarah Markey
Accordion - Wednesday Group
Tutor: Sarah Alexander
Fiddle - Beginners 1
Tutor: Fiona Cuthill
Guitar - Intermediate
Tutor: Jenn Butterworth
Whistle - Improvers
Tutor: Katherine Macleod
5-String Banjo - Wednesday Group
Tutor: Garry McFadden
Tutor: Martin O'Neill
Fiddle: Improvers 2
Tutor: Jamie Smith

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