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 All Sessions below are Cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions - Click here for alternative Weekly Zoom Sessions

Pre-class Slow Session (Weekly, Mondays) - 6.50-7.25  John Wheatley Building - Kelvin College

Islay Inn Session (Weekly, Mondays) - 9.30-11.30 (After classes) Islay Inn, 1260 Argyle St / Radnor St

Repertoire Class (Weekly, Wednesdays) - 6.30-7:00. John Wheatley Campus - Kelvin College

Pre-classes Warm-up (Weekly, Wednesdays) - 7.00-7.30 John Wheatley Campus - Kelvin College

Very Slow Session (Twice a month, Tuesdays) - 7.00 or 7.30-9.30 Islay Inn, 1260 Argyle Street / Radnor St

Slow Jam (Monthly, first Thursday in the month) -  8.30-10.30 The Botany, 795 Maryhill Rd.  (formerly Strathmore Bar)

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