Monday Slow Session @ John Wheatley

Each week a slow session runs from 7:00 until 7:25 just before classes start.

This session is open to players of all levels to join in or just listen. We encourage experienced and early stage players to use this time for a warm-up and convivial gathering as part of our GFW ethos.

The tutor-led session covers tunes at a slow pace several times so people can join in (melody, chords or harmonies). This is very informal, not a teaching session. Attend the session often and it becomes easier to recognise what to play. The tutor can lead or you can suggest a tune for everyone to play.

Monday Tune of the Week

Each week a specific tune is featured during the session to build up a common set during the term. Click below for all the 2017 Sep-Dec tunes

Sep-Dec 17 Monday Tunes  Sep-Dec 17 Fiddle Sep-Dec 17 Mandolin / Tenor Banjo TAB  Sep-Dec 17 Whistle

Wednesday Warm-up @ John Wheatley

On Wednesday nights the tutors will be teaching their class one or two of these tunes (Wednesday Warm-Up Tunes).

It's great for Everyone to have get a wee warmup before classes, so if you know ANY of these tunes (even slightly) sit in between 7:00 and 7:25 before classes start.

The Warm-up is for ALL Players at all stages and helps everyone with the tunes that you’re learning and that others are learning

 Slow Session Repertoire

Tunes played are from the Very Slow Session repertoire, Nigel Gatherer’s Very Slow Session Tunebooks and choices made by tutors of tunes suitable for their level. Chords for these tunes are also available from (Very Slow Session - Chords).

GFW strives to maintain a repertoire of shared tunes. We continually revisit and share these at get-togethers like Burns Night, Christmas Dinner, End of Term Stramash, and especially at the (twice a month) Very Slow Session where several of our ukulele players make a great contribution to the Rhythm Section! Come along and try your new found skills!

The Islay Inn Sessions - Monday @ Argyle St (weekly)

There is an open session every Monday evening in the Islay Inn, Argyle Street mostly led by GFW tutors to relax from teaching lessons

During term time the sessions start at 9.30pm approx.

When there are no classes running we usually start an hour earlier - 8.30pm approx.


Very Slow Sessions - Tuesday @ Partick Cross (twice monthly)

Check on GFW Home Page news ticker for next Tuesday date:

We meet from 7:30 - 9:30pm at the Siempre Bicycle Cafe 162 Dumbarton Rd, G11 6XE. (Next to Kelvinhall Subway)


For further details, including Music and Sound Files, click VERY SLOW SESSIONS or directly on VERY SLOW SESSION link at the top of this website.

All players (GFW Members and Non Members) at all stages, and all instruments, are welcome. Remember, if you are an experienced player we will be playing all tunes slowly.

Early Bird Sessions (alternate Tuesday before VSS)

As a way of giving new players a chance to learn some of the repertoire ( or introduce new tunes from time to time) we are going to try a HALF HOUR tune learning session before the Very Slow Session starts.

This will happen once a month, immediately before the VSS Session. Click here for further details.

NEW - The Slow Jam (Thursday once a month-ish)

Strathmore Bar, 795 Maryhill Road, Glasgow G20 7TL

This new JAM is for those who have been going slow for so long going to the Slow Session and feel they are ready to 'take it up a notch'

From time to time there will be a tutor-led ‘Slow Jam’ (ie slighty FASTER than the VSS) at Strathmore Bar, Maryhill.

Check on GFW Home Page news ticker for next Thursday date: