WHERE:  Glasgow Kelvin College, John Wheatley Building, 2 Haghill Road, Glasgow, G31 3SR. Click here for map. 

LEVELS:  Mixed

TUTORS:  Alan Jones (Monday) and Katherine MacLeod (Wednesday)


TERM DATES, ENROLMENT AND COST:  See Membership page. 

GFW Playing Together – Monday or Wednesday Slow Session  –  See Sessions page.


   Alan Jones

Mixed Instrument (Group Work) - Alan Jones

WHEN: MONDAY 7:30pm – 9:30pm     CLASSROOM: Monday Rooms

Are you interested in a deeper enjoyment and understanding of traditional Scottish music, as well as other parts of the world?

Join Alan and the Mixed Instrument group as they develop ideas and turn them into musical ensembles for the whole group. The focus is on arrangements, with all members actively encouraged to contribute their own arrangements and ideas.

This class is for players of acoustic instruments at intermediate level or above, and often collaborates with other GFW classes to broaden the range of instruments involved.

An ability to read music at this level is an advantage, but not essential.


Kath GFW 

Mixed Instrument – Katherine Macleod

 WHEN: WEDNESDAY 7:30pm – 9:30pm     CLASSROOM: Wednesday Rooms

The Wednesday evening Mixed Instrument class is a great way to ease yourself into playing with other instruments in a relaxed class environment. You will need to have some experience at playing your instrument as an individual in the keys of D, G and A. We mostly concentrate on traditional tunes such as jigs, reels and waltzes, songs are also included. The focus in this class is firstly to learn melodies and then we introduce arrangements by including chords and harmonies. Each instrument gets a chance to shine when we arrange a tune and it’s a very friendly fun class.