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 ShopTrio 500

Scots’ Speak guest this week is Tam Brannigan from the unusually named café ‘Karens A Wafer A Cone Ya Nugget’ in Main Street Cambuslang. In this interview, Tam originally from Bridgeton, reminisces about his time as a boy going to the Olympia cinema early on a Saturday morning to watch his hero the Lone Ranger and afterwards galloping along the Glasgow streets pretending to be cowboys. As a teenager Tam, a champion schoolboy star was bound for glory and left his Glasgow home to play professionally with Leeds United before returning home a few years later to Glasgow to play with Partick Thistle and Morton. Leaving the professional game, Tam enjoyed many different careers while bringing up his three sons on his own but was always very close to catering and ran a snack bar for years before coming to Cambuslang to marry Karen, extend his family and create the next chapter of his life. Tam’s music reflects the big stars of the past three decades.

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ShopTrio 180

Scots’ Speak guest this week is Tam Brannigan from the unusually named café ‘Karens A Wafer A Cone Ya Nugget’ in Main Street Cambuslang. In this interview, Tam originally from Bridgeton, reminisces about his time as a boy going to the Olympia cinema early on a Saturday morning to watch his hero the Lone Ranger and afterwards galloping along the Glasgow streets pretending to be cowboys. As a teenager Tam, a champion schoolboy star was bound for glory and left his Glasgow home to play professionally with Leeds United before returning home a few years later to Glasgow to play with Partick Thistle and Morton. Leaving the professional game, Tam enjoyed many different careers while bringing up his three sons on his own but was always very close to catering and ran a snack bar for years before coming to Cambuslang to marry Karen, extend his family and create the next chapter of his life. Tam’s music reflects the big stars of the past three decades.

 Jan and Norrie 200

Scots’ Speak guest this week is Norrie Bissell, a principal teacher of history and trade union official from the EIS, who, in retirement has become a published poet, screen writer and novelist. Now permanently living on the island of Luing in Argyll, Norrie recently returned to the mainland to launch his new novel, ‘Barnhill’, which is a fictionalised account of George Orwell’s life on Jura. Norrie weaves in and out of the facts of Orwell’s life, getting inside the imagination of one of the greatest writers of the English language. Norrie roots George Orwell in a Scottish context and presents the Scottish influence on Nineteen Eighty-Four, one of the greatest literary texts of the 20th century. In acknowledging Norrie’s contribution to the Orwell canon, ‘The National’ paper requested he write a 2,000-word essay which was published on the front pages of ‘Seven Days’. During the interview Norrie chats about the music which was used in the 1984 film including the ‘Sweet Dreams’ by the Eurhythmics.

 Janis Steele 200

Monday 29th July @ 7pm. Scots’ Speak guest this week is the lovely singer and artist Janis Steele from Cumbernauld but who hails originally from Johnston. Janis belongs to the 3Ls – Life Long Learning group at Strathclyde University and has come late to performing music after a career among legal papers. Inspired by others in the adult learning group, she now sings in and around Glasgow at various venues and spent some time with the ‘Big Sing’ group as part of the Commonwealth Games celebrations which led to further performances like singing in the BBC choir at Proms in the Park. Learning to play piano at a young age, Janis was inspired to play like her mother who is still playing at 84 years of age. Music was always part of her world and Janis reminisces about both her grandfathers who were accomplished band musicians - trumpet and saxophone - including one being offered a job in the Singers factory so he could fill a position in Clydebank Burgh Band.

 Liz and Jan 180

Monday 22nd July @ 7pm. This week’s guest is Elizabeth Pirnie who has spent life living and working in and around Cambuslang. Born in Hamilton she moved to Woodlands, a crescent shaped council house scheme which once made up the boundaries of a large private estate known as Cairns. Sadly, Elizabeth’s house has been bulldozed but she celebrates the beauty of the agricultural land which was designated and protected as ‘greenbelt’ land and relives many happy memories she had playing in the beautiful Cambuslang park which was opened of the beginning of the 20th century. Celebrating her youth, she reminisces about her twin sisters who were professional ‘Go-Go’ dancers employed in the dance halls of Hamilton and how they had to sneak out to their gigs wearing big coats purchased from ‘C&A’ so their father could not see them, he would not have permitted such risqué outfits! Elizabeth’s story is a wonderful thread in the tapestry of social history.

IreneConway Monday 15th July at 7pm. This week’s guest is the wonderful multi-talented professional entertainer Irene Conway who lives in Giffnock. Irene’s grandparents came to live in Glasgow as immigrants after fleeing the horrors brought on by the rise of fascism. A lover of words and books, after receiving an education at Hutcheson’s Grammar, she completed a languages degree at university before embarking on a career as a proof reader with Collins. A change in circumstances created a career change and to accompany her lovely singing voice she taught herself to play guitar and began entertaining in hotels before moving onto a wider stage which included playing with the great jazz guitarist Barney Kessel. Irene in her 84 th year plays every fortnight with the ‘Life-long Learning (3Ls) group ‘at Strathclyde University where she brings smiles to the members’ faces who gleefully listen to her parodies and limericks. She is hoping her extensive collection of limericks will soon be published.
DaveF Monday 8th July at 7pm. This week’s guest needs no introduction to the players of traditional music in and around Glasgow because everyone who has heard him is mightily impressed. Born in Spain, Dave’s work choice brought him to the city where he feels very much at home and wishes to remain. Learning to play piano as a young boy, Dave always loved music and decided to pick up playing the whistle while he was travelling because it is more versatile than carrying a piano! He has found lots of similarities in traditional Celtic music played throughout Europe and in his own playing he celebrates and includes lots of different styles which makes his interpretations of those tunes beautiful to listen to. He can be found in various sessions throughout the city but favours the Saturday afternoon session at Babbity Bowsers and the evening sessions at the Islay Inn.
JimmyKeenan Monday 1st July at 7pm. This week’s guest is retired history teacher Jimmy Keenan who helps to organise Wednesday
Wheelers, a cycle group of all ages who travel in and around Glasgow and beyond. ‘Big James’ as he was known when he played in goals at school was a life long friend of Celtic great Jimmy Johnstone and Jimmy remembers envying him because he had a pair of football boots which he dearly wished
for. Hailing from a big family of nine children, Jimmy left school at 14 and trained as a fireplace maker before joining a religious order in Oxford which he left after 3 years and headed to enjoy the ‘swinging sixties’ in London. A drummer in a band, he played many gigs in and around Kensington before heading back to Scotland where he gained enough educational qualifications to study history at St. Andrews and became a teacher and a Fellow and stalwart of the EIS. A member of Amnesty International, Jimmy spends his spare time keeping abreast of injustices throughout the world and
doing what he can to encourage change.
JimRochead 180 Monday 24th June at 7pm. This week’s guest is farmer Jim Rochead who lives on Malcolmwood Farm on the outskirts of Cambuslang where he was born. Completely at home among the animals in the field, Jim’s hobby is breeding and showing his Clydesdale horses at various agricultural shows. This weekend his beautiful horses, all polished, brushed and combed, were on display at the Royal Highland Show at Ingliston. Jim loves everything rural and his collection of old tractors and farm machinery celebrates the ingenuity of the engineers of the past. Keen to keep the ‘greenbelt’ green, his love of the land has passed onto his sons and grandchildren who he hopes will continue to live in the farm maintaining the agricultural legacy of the area.
LifeLongLearningGroup 180 Monday 17th June at 7pm. Scots’ Speak guests this week are members of the Traditional Music Group who meet twice a month as part of the Life-Long Learning sessions at Strathclyde University. A multi-talented bunch whose musical influences and styles range from folky guitarists and whistle players to jazz hands and vaudeville entertainers. During the session gorgeous singers perform a jamboree of songs from around the world and all the members join in together to create a lovely chorus. From age 50 upwards, this group proves that sharing the beauty music brings to our lives, is great fun.
Janice Nigel and the dog Monday 10th June at 7pm. This week’s guest is a man you don’t meet every day. Nigel Gatherer is a gifted musician and a fabulous tutor. Throughout the Central belt of Scotland, he
 runs music classes putting people completely at their ease as they learn to play and share a love of music. Originally from Edinburgh, Nigel, like the Bard himself, spends many hours of his free time collecting and organising old tunes
and frees them from their history, invigorating them with a new twist for the 21 st century. Inducted last year into the Traditional Music Hall of Fame, he is one of most inspiring tutors in Scotland today.
AlanFalconer 180 Monday 3th June at 7pm. ‘Man about town’, Alan Falconer, is a fabulous jazz musician who plays exquisitely. He is a singer, photographer, writer and poet. Every second Friday of the month he plays with the Traditional Music
Group, as part of the life-long learning sessions at Strathclyde University. He also plays in a jazz quartet (sometimes bigger depending on who turns up) at Carlton Recording Studios, in Carlton
Place, twice a week. He can be found wandering the city streets taking photographs of street performers which hang in his marvellous online gallery. A ‘West End’ boy, Alan first started playing
around the age of 13 and has never looked back. In this week’s edition he takes the listeners on a whirl wind tour of his musical influences, plays some and reads his favourite composition.
TrishStrain 180 Monday 27th May at 7pm. This week’s guest is cello and fiddle tutor, Trish Strain, who has been playing the cello from the age of seven. Chosen to receive lessons because she could recite the alphabet backwards, Trish began a lifelong love affair with the instrument, gaining a joint honours degree in Music and Archaeology. Employed during the last 30 years tutoring Glasgow school pupils, she fervently believes that all
pupils should have access to music and enjoy free lessons in school. A stalwart of Glasgow Folk-Music Workshop, where she is the only cello tutor, her abundant energy and enthusiasm as she helps adult
learners apply the nuances associated with playing traditional music, is always present. Sometimes it is difficult to see Trish behind her instrument case but her sunny disposition always shines forth.
NormanMacLeod 180 Monday 20th May at 7pm. Scots’ Speak guest this week is Chief Norman Core MacLeod from Milngavie, a pipe player who is also a tribal chief in Nigeria. Learning to play at school in Glasgow, Norman has taken his pipes to different parts of the globe and, while working as a deep-sea oil exploration specialist in Lagos, he contributed to the creation of Scottish/African fusion music which is celebrated on ‘Step Up Tempo’ and ‘Scottish Essence African Mood’ CDs recorded in Lagos. Always aware of the importance of indigenous music to the cultural well being of society, Norman has always celebrated his own musical traditions as well as those of the countries he has lived in and it is this awareness which led to him being asked to accept the role as tribal chief with the responsibility of music and culture. Norman plays with Scratchy Noises on a Monday evening at Glasgow Folk-Music Workshop.
Jessie 180 Monday 13th May at 7pm. Scots’ Speak guest this week is Celtic Music Radio fan, Jessie Kielty. In 1971, Rob, Jessie’s husband moved their family of six children, with furniture strapped onto to her friend’s milk float, into a new build housing scheme called Whitlawburn. She was the first tenant in the house. Two weeks from now the old house will be demolished and last week she returned making her the last person inside it. This show taken from two very different recordings, 4 years apart, hears Jessie’s story. She reminisces about her life in the 1970s and the vibrant community that existed then, in the days when people helped and supported each other out of kindness. Her choice of music reflects the
popular tracks of the time and those loved by her and husband, who suffering now from dementia, has no recollection of ever living there nor of the day he built a make shift swimming pool for the scheme’s kids.
Riverside 180 Monday 6th May at 7pm. Scots’ Speak guests this week are three musicians Jamie, Ally and Katherine from Riverside Music College. Professionally trained and accredited musicians, they provide tuition to HND level on the campus ranging from courses in Sound Production, Music Performance and Music Business. The recently added Traditional Music Performance HND focuses on teaching traditional instruments including Gaelic and Scots’ song. All courses on offer are taught in a suite of teaching rooms and the learning environment wonderfully sits side by side with Riverside recording studio. The students’ learning environment is facilitated by a multi-media centre, a creative arts hub and an IT suite. Innovative aspects of the courses include the ‘on site’ experience where students are learning in professional surroundings. Jamie, Ally and Katherine are delighted to be part of this fabulous experience, and in this week’s show, share their hopes for its future.
 ClaireMcDade 180 Monday 29th April at 7pm. Scots’ Speak guest this week is Claire McDade, who is currently employed as an archivist, oral history public engagement officer and is responsible for engaging the Glasgow community to share their stories of their experiences of the NHS as part of a British wide project NHS@70. Claire is looking for employees, patients and visitors who want to have their story recorded which can then contribute to the creation of an oral history tapestry of celebrating 70 years of the National Health Service. Aside from this, Claire, originally from Shawlands, is involved in working with the archival textile collection at the University of Glasgow and she currently has an exhibition celebrating the works stored in the archive. As part of this exhibition Claire will be giving a talk at the Glasgow Women’s Library on the 24th of August which will explore the work of predominantly women workers at the Templeton carpet factory.  Claire, a history graduate of the university. shares her student experiences including her time as a tour guide on the first Glasgow tour open top bus. Anyone wishing to contact Claire to take part in the NHS@70 oral history project contact via the website: call 01612750560/email: nhs70 AT
 GraceReid Monday 22nd April at 7pm. This week’s show hears the life story of 85 years old, mother of four, Grace Reid who is a keen singer. Grace was born in the small mining village of Quarter in Lanarkshire and spent her youth tap dancing in concert parties to raise money for the troops of World War II. Later she then enjoyed dancing the quick step in the dance halls of Hamilton to the sounds of the big bands. Once married she moved to Cambuslang and has lived there ever since. A keen bowler she is looking forward to the beginning of the new season and believes that life is too short to stay at home. When not on the green, she organises local activity clubs to encourage others to fully participate in life’s rich tapestry.  
Joanne Roberts 500 Monday 15th April at 7 pm. This week’s guest is Dr. Joanne Roberts who lives in Bonkle. Loving science at school she left to work in a pharmaceutical company and attended college as a day release student working her way up to the award of PhD in 2017.  She shares some of her memories of growing up listening to the favourite bands of the 70s and 80s with a few added surprises. She loves music, and apart from playing guitar for an hour a week during her time at school, she loves to listen and encourage others to learn. She loves the process of choosing sheep, spinning the wool and following the process through to a knitted garment!
PeterPhillips 180 Monday 8th April at 7pm. Scots’ Speak guest this week is retired steelworker and trade unionist Peter Phillips who contributes his free time to helping improve the quality of people’s lives through his activity in different community organisations and committees. In this week’s show he describes his role as Secretary of the Cambuslang Royal Arch masonic group as well as their history in the local community. As President of Cambuslang Bowling Club, he encourages others to maintain an active life style in retirement. He has always had a social conscience and firmly believes, like his favourite poet Robert Burns, in Equality.
FatherRaymond 500

Tuesday 2nd April at 6pm. Scots’ Speak guest this week is monk Father Raymond who is a member of the plain-song chanting Cistercian Order and lives in the Sancta Maria Abbey in Nunraw, just at the foot of the Lammermuir hills. His family came to Scotland as economic migrants from Cassino in Italy and he attended St. Mungo’s Secondary in Parson Street in Glasgow before he decided to join the monastic order in 1951. Never having played music before he was surprised when he was given the responsibility of playing the organ and he has spent his life learning music in sol-fah notation and is now an accomplished player.

 Haggerdash 180

Tuesday 26th March at 6pm. Scots’ Speak this week visits Stonehouse Folk Club in St. Ninians Church Halls in Stonehouse, South Lanarkshire, to hear the Lanarkshire folk group ' Haggerdash' and
supporting acts. Haggerdash comprises Billy Stewart on vocals, guitar and bodran, Alan Jones on vocals, bouzouki, concertina, whistle and fiddle, Jack Bethel on
hammer dulcimer, whistle and fiddle. The support acts included George Wilson from the Biggar Folk Club and the Rae family. Their latest CD is called, The Elgin Watch.
Stonehouse Folk Club meets on fortnight on Friday evenings at 8 pm and every second Friday for an acoustic session when everyone is welcome to play and sing

Matt Horton 180 Tuesday 19th March at 6pm. Scots' Speak this week is the lovely Matt Horton who is Honourable Secretary and Treasurer of the
Glasgow Humane Society. As a boy he learned the ropes on his dad’s fishing boat and as soon as he
could leave school he applied for a job at sea, never believing it would be his career. Joining BP as an
Engine Room Boy at the age of 16, he sailed the seven seas and found himself caught up in events
like volcanic eruptions and war. Eventually he gained his Chief Officer’s ticket and sailed as Chief
Officer for several years before coming ashore to become a training officer with Clyde Marine
Training. He is now General Manager of Clyde Uniforms and advises the shipping sector on uniforms,
as well as, advising various public bodies on safety and accident prevention on waterways..
PeteClark 180 Tuesday 12th March at 6pm. Scots’ Speak guest this week is the wonderful Scottish fiddler Pete Clark who lives in a beautiful village not far from Dunkeld. At the age of nine, so he could make a magic noise, his mum and dad agreed for Pete to attend violin lessons after school and since then he has devoted his life to learning the nuances of the traditions of Scottish fiddle playing. His steely determination has secured him a place at the top table of internationally acclaimed fiddle players as well as a successful solo career. He has brought the majesty of the memory of the great fiddler Niel Gow to the fore of Scottish society and for the past 16 years he has organised a festival which celebrates his life with a weekend of concerts, recitals, workshops, river walks and the opportunity to engage with some of Scotland’s finest fiddlers. This year it runs for 15th to 17th of March. Pete is also hoping to raise enough money for a bronze memorial. All information can be found on the interview he plays the beautiful ‘Niel Gow’s Lament to the Second Wife’ on Niel Gow’s fiddle
 Gordon 180 Tuesday 5th March at 6pm. Scots’ Speak guest this week is Neilston boy, the multi-instrumentalist Gordon Melrose who is also a fine singer. Gordon’s love of music began as a school boy when he learned to play the guitar and ukulele. Leaving school, he went on to become a fully qualified electrical engineer with the music shop Biggars, and as a mature student successfully completed a diploma in music with the Open University. Afterwards, he completed his Honours degree. Throughout the 24 years he has been a member of the Glasgow Folk Music workshop, Gordon has learned the art of composition and teaching music and is one of the finest tutors. In this week’s show he shares the sounds of his ukulele class.
BoydTunnock 180 Tuesday 26th Feb at 6pm. Scots’ Speak guest this week is Boyd Tunnock from Uddingston, the man who is responsible for the weekly production of millions of chocolate teacakes, snowballs and wafers which are enjoyed in over 40 countries. He celebrates the achievement of his local workforce in producing three of the most iconic biscuits purchased daily. As well as sponsoring, hosting and judging school poetry competitions, the RNLI, and the Uddingston Musical Festival, Boyd, like Willie Wonka can be found, adorned with white overall and hairnet, accompanying groups on magical guided tours of the factory. A stone’s throw from his great-grandfather’s undertakers, the factory remains steadfastly an iconic symbol of the family’s enduring links to the community he loves so well.
JamesKelly 180

Tuesday 19th Feb at 6pm. Scots’ Speak guest this week is the ‘bad boy’ of the Scottish parliament, James Kelly, the only MSP to
have been thrown out of the debating chamber! Hailing from Halfway in Cambuslang, James recalls
happy days spent at school and reminisces about his favourite English teacher, Frank Thompson as
well as sharing the long happy days he spent running with the Cambuslang Harriers. Their Monday
night discos were his favourite as he rocked to the beat of Slade and Queen. Always believing in
social justice, James has been involved in campaigning since the 1984/5 Miners’ Strike speaking
alongside the great orator and trade unionist Mick McGahey. In 2017 he successfully instigated the

repeal of the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Behaviour legislation which he
deemed unfair to football supporters. Passionate about Burns he recites his daughter’s favourite

 CathyLewis 180 Tuesday 12th Feb at 6pm. Scots' Speak guest this week is the wonderful mandolin player Cathy Lewis from Troon. Originally from Cambuslang, her love of yachting took her to live by the sea where she spends most of her time off and on her yacht. Certificated by the Royal Yachting Association, Cathy is an accomplished sailor and as well as sailing in the Atlantic Ocean, she has made journeys to Nordic countries and is sometimes found during inclement weather sheltering in the small islands off the British coast. In good weather she is often found at the helm playing her mandolin dolphins following in her musical wake! She thanks the GFW and Nigel Gatherer for encouraging her love of the instrument and music.
AlistairMcCulloch 180 Tuesday 15th Jan at 6pm. ‘Scots' Speak’ guest this week is the wonderful Scottish fiddler Alistair McCulloch who hails from the bonnie banks of Doon. Alistair shares the story of how he received a fiddle from his grandmother at the age of nine and so began his musical journey. Since then he has travelled the world representing Scotland at international events, playing both his distinctive interpretation of traditional Scottish tunes as well as his own compositions and arrangements. Very much in demand, when he is not travelling, he is fiddle instructor and teacher of music business at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.
IvorMckee 180 Tuesday 8th Jan at 6pm. Scots' Speak’ guest this week is cool dude Ivan McKee MSP, funky, saxophone playing government minister in the Scottish Parliament for the Provan constituency. Brought up in Springburn, Ivan chats about the importance of music in his life and the great artists who inspired him. Qualifying as an engineer from Strathclyde University, Ivan’s business interests have taken him around the world and he now applies his abundant skills to attract business which will increase employment opportunities and enhance the quality of the lives of those he represents as an elected Member for the Scottish Parliament.
RichardLeonard 180 Tuesday 1st Jan at 6pm. On this the first day of 2019, the ‘Scots' Speak’ guest is the charming and dapper dressed Yorkshireman
Richard Leonard MSP, leader of the Scottish Labour Party. A radical of the early eighties at Stirling University, Richard has made Scotland his home and spent the past 30 odd years working tirelessly for the Scottish trade union movement. A lover of the works of the recently deceased Scottish
socialist poet Tom Leonard, Richard recites one of his favourite poems.
RevJackDrummond 180 Tuesday 25th Dec at 6pm. Scots' Speak guest this week is the Reverend Jack Drummond, who has recently retired. In this Christmas Day show, he celebrates what the church means to him and his family, and discusses the role of the church in supporting young families. Ministering in Linwood before coming to Rutherglen, where he officiated at all his children’s weddings, Jack feels a strong sense of belonging with the community.  A lover of books, Jack spends his time collecting cricket books and reading crime fiction as well as helping his children and grandchildren.
gerrycarruthers 180 Tuesday 18th Dec at 6pm. Scots' Speak guest this week is the inimitable Professor of Scottish Literature at University of Glasgow, Gerry Carruthers. A Clydebank boy with a precocious talent for language and football, he came to Glasgow as a student and found his niche among the books and thought processes of language and literature. He along with his contemporaries set up, now worldly acclaimed, Centre for Robert Burns Studies which places the works of our national poet at the heart of academe.  Eloquent and passionate, Gerry describes his west of Scotland identity as well as sharing his hopes for the future.
FatherPaul 180 Tuestday 11th Dec at 6pm. Scots' Speak guest this week is parish priest, Father Paul Morton of St. Brides in Cambuslang, who was
born into a large musical family living up a close in Haghill near Kelvin campus. When both his
parents died at young age, Father Paul and his seven siblings were separated to live with other
family but he keenly remembers the wonderful music of his early years and is very proud of his older
brother and his family who became successful professional musicians. His love of music has grown
since then and as well as learning to play the piano, he wants to learn to play the cello.
JaniceBabs 180 Tuesday 4th Dec at 6pm. Scots’ speak guest this week is English teacher Barbara Drummond from Rutherglen who voluntarily runs an after-school class for asylum seekers in Croftfoot church. Musically gifted, she learned to sing on her mother’s knee and has always celebrated her gorgeous voice with different church groups including children’s choirs. Married to recently retired minister Jack, she is mother to playwright Rob, teachers Beth, Ruth and Grace, and in this week’s interview she shares what family means to her and the delight she takes in singing old Scottish favourites like ‘Wee Willie Winkie’ to her grandchildren.
Ian Murray 190 Tuesday 27th Nov at 6pm.  Scots’ Speak guest this week is Ian Murray, ukulele tutor at Glasgow FolkMusic Workshop. After a career in local government, Ian now spends his time tutoring adult music classes throughout South Lanarkshire bringing happiness through song.  Ian started out playing the mouth organ then learned other instruments by ear and now is the Musical Director of the ‘Dukes of Uke’ who perform sell out gigs at various venues like Biggar Little festival. A gifted guitarist, fabulous mandolin player, he plays with the Clyde Valley Ceilidh Band and is very much in demand because of his immense talent.
Curley 190 Tuesday 20th Nov at 6pm.  Scots’ Speak guests this week are the father and son team Damian and Graeme Curley who inherited ‘Willie Curley’ butchers in Halfway, downtown Cambuslang. They explain why the family run business, which been trading for a 100 plus years, continues to be successful. Their secret recipes, passed down through the generations, maintain customer satisfaction and keeps people coming back for more. The shop is a real hive of activity in the community and what the butchers don’t know about what is happening, isn’t worth knowing!
kieron 190 Tuesday 13th Nov at 6pm.  Scots’ Speak guest this week is the lovely Kieron O’Neill of Arcadia Music in Biggar. A luther and multi-instrumentalist, Kieron lives and breathes music. When he is not selling or setting up instruments in his ‘Aladdin’s cave’, he can be heard in the local bar singing and playing with his band ‘The Nomads’.
Library 190 Tuesday 6th Nov at 6pm. Scots’ Speak guests this week are two ladies from Halfway local library, Nancy and Susan. Lovers of books, they have a real sense of pride in offering advice about authors. Equally important, their wonderfully warm personal qualities extend a hand of friendship to all users. For anyone who wants to find about local history, Nancy has a wealth of knowledge of the unwritten networks of local families and is often heard saying, ‘I ken yir mither’! Susan on the other hand, brings many admirers who revel in her wonderful displays. Along with others, they make the local library the hub of the community.
 Kath Macleod 190

Tuesday 30th Oct at 6pm. Scot’s speak guest this week is the beautiful flautist Katherine MacLeod. Born in Haghill, her family are originally from the islands and music is in her blood. Her earliest memories are playing tunes on the piano then singing in East Kilbride Gaelic choir.

We are allowed a wee sneaky listen to the ‘mixed instruments’ class and chat to Donald, Isabel and others about their enjoyment of being a pupil in Katherine’s class.

Isabel McCue 180

 Tuesday 23rd Oct at 6pm.Scots’ Speak guest this week is the wonderful Isabel McCue MBE, recently awarded 'One of the Most Outstanding Women of Scotland 2018'. Isabel founded Theatre Nemo, using the Arts to improve the lives of those affected by mental illness, loneliness and isolation. A tireless campaigner, Isabel’s dream is to establish a centre in Glasgow to offer creative space for the Arts, hosting a network of support agencies to help people live a happy and dignified existence where they are making a positive contribution to their family, community and society.

 Beresford 180

Tuesday 16th Oct at 6pm. Scots’ Speak guest this week is Edinburgh raised but Glasgow based, Dr. Marianne McAra, Research Fellow at Glasgow School of Art. Marianne began her professional life as a carpenter and stage-designer, and music was always an inspiration. Learning to play the violin at the age of four, she was introduced to fiddle music and has never looked back. A big fan of Shooglenifty, she loves the sound, style and freedom of fiddle playing and is hoping to become a member of Glasgow Folk Workshop some-day soon.

Thomson Forrest Rosebank 200 Tuesday 9th Oct at 6pm. Scots’ Speak guest this week is a man of the soil, Thomson Forrest who hails from Dalserf in the Clyde Valley. His father, a keen market gardener grew the famous, sought after but now rarely seen, ‘Scotch tomato’. Leaving school at fifteen, Thomson worked outside on the land for fifty years using his knowledge to grow a hugely successful business at the Rosebank Garden Centre. This show, recorded at the centre, hears Thomson describe his love of the soil as well as sharing the music which inspired him to keep digging.
 Steve Tees 200 Tuesday 2nd Oct at 6pm. Scots’ Speak guest this week is Dumfries born, virtuoso viola player Steve Tees. His drive to master his instrument took him to the doors of the Royal College of Music in London and  some of the finest orchestras in the world including recordings in St Martins-in-the Field. As a greatly sought-after freelancer, he played backing tracks on the Rolling Stones’ ‘Angie’. Now back living in the Scottish Borders, Steve, a jazz aficionado, can be heard playing Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli at the Kelso folk club.
 Janice and the Feetwarmers 200

Tuesday 18th Sep at 6pm. Scots' Speak interview with sensational Grammy nominated musicians who are masters of Old Time Swing, Dixieland and Ragtime. The fabulous California Feetwarmers. In Scotland to play sell out concerts at Edinburgh International Jazz Festival. Stopping over in Peebles (while having their shirts ironed by their Scots' Speak host) these cool dudes chatted about how they came together before bringing the house down - their appreciative audience swinging in time to their groovy beat.

 Dougie 198x198 Tuesday 11th Sep at 6pm. Scots' Speak interview with Douglas Lawrence. An accomplished player of twenty years with the Scottish National Orchestra, Douglas is one of Scotland’s finest musicians whose fiddle style straddles both classical and traditional music.  Originally from Buckie, he describes how his grandfather was the inspiration which led him to the doors of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music forgoing a career at the Bank of Scotland in Edinburgh.
Dan Thorpe 200w Tuesday 4th Sep at 6pm. Scots' Speak interview with Dan ‘the man’ Thorpe who hails from the north east of Scotland. Dan chats about his musical journey which culminated in winning the prestigious BBC Young Traditional Musician of the Year award and graduating from the Royal Conservatoire with an B.A. (Hons) degree in Traditional Music. As well as doing a wee turn for the listeners, he describes some of the other musicians who have signposted his life.
 Lorna and Angeline Coyle 200 Tuesday 28th Aug at 6pm. Scots' Speak interview with Lorna Cammock. At 87 years old, Lorna is one of the most steadfast members of Glasgow Folk-music Workshop. Enthusiastically learning the mandolin and spreading good cheer to all who know her. Lorna reminisces about growing up in Oban and Glasgow as well as her years as a primary teacher. (as a wee surprise,ex-pupil, Angeline Coyle, pops in to say hello!)

Janice Fiona Scots' Speak

Tuesday 21st Aug at 6pm.  Scots' Speak interview with long serving GFW fiddle tutor, Fiona Cuthill. Fiona talks about her life story, her love of traditional music and chooses some of her favourite tunes.

Click HERE to listen to the interview.

Janice Nigel and the dog

Tuesday 14th Aug at 6pm.  Scots' Speak interview with Nigel Gatherer. Nigel was interviewed recently by Janice Ross, GFW committee member and Celtic Music Radio Presenter, at his home in Crieff, where he talks about his lifelong love of traditional music and chooses some of his favourite tunes.

 Click HERE to listen to the interview.

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