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Thank you. SLOW JAM SETS in RED

Tune Key Music Tabs Chords Audio
Reels - Set 1
Spootiskerry G  Sheet Music  
Mrs MacLeod of Raasay A  Sheet Music  Tabs  ear
Willafjord D  Sheet Music     Audio
High Road To Linton A  Sheet Music     ear
Reels - Set 2
Bottom of the Punchbowl D  Sheet Music   

Piper's Cave A  Sheet Music     ear 
Soldier's Joy D  Sheet Music     ear 
Mason's Apron A  Sheet Music     ear 
Reels - Set 3
Many Things Have I Seen D  Sheet Music   Tabs

The Gentle Milkmaid Bm  Sheet Music   Tabs  ear 
Elizabeth's Great Coat A  Sheet Music   Tabs  ear 
Tatties and Herring A  Sheet Music   Tabs  ear 
Reels - Set 4 (Slow Jam)
Put Me In The Big Chest A  Sheet Music    Chords


Donald Blue

D  Sheet Music
Sleep Soond ' da Moarnin' Am  Sheet Music


Marches - Set 1
 Angus MacLeod  A  Sheet Music  Tabs

 Teribus  D  Sheet Music  Tabs  ear
 The Hopeful Lover  A  Sheet Music  Tabs  ear
Marches - Set 2
Mairi's Wedding G  Sheet Music Tabs

Bonnie Lass o'Fyvie G  Sheet Music Tabs  ear
Thistle of Scotland D  Sheet Music Tabs  ear
The Barren Rocks of Aden D  Sheet Music    ear
Marches - Set 3
Sweet Maid of Glendaruel A  Sheet Music  
Corrichoillie's 43rd Welcome D  Sheet Music    ear
Cambell's Farewell to Redcastle A  Sheet Music  Tabs  ear
Marches - Set 4 (Slow Jam)
The Headlands A  Tabs   Chords  ear
Loch Ruan D  ear
Flett From Flotta A
Jigs - Set 1
Rocking The Baby A  Sheet Music  
The Shepherd's Wife D  Sheet Music    ear
Stool of Repentance A  Sheet Music    ear
Mucking o' Geordie's Byre D  Sheet Music  Tabs  ear
Jigs - Set 2
Scarce o'Tatties Am  Sheet Music    Chords  ear
Atholl Highlanders A  Sheet Music  Tabs  ear
Jigs - Set 3 - Dragon Jigs
Rory Gallagher's  A  Sheet Music  
The Soup Dragon  Bm  Sheet Music    ear
The Gathering D Sheet Music    ear
Jigs - Set 4 -Carcarosa Jigs (Slow Jam)     
 Muñeira Carcarosa (Asturias)  G  Sheet Music

 Rakes of Kildare  Am  Sheet Music  ear
The Kesh  G  Sheet Music  ear
 The Blackthorn Stick  A  Sheet Music  ear
Hornpipes - Set 1
 Navvy on the Line G  Sheet Music  Tabs

Harvest Home D  Sheet Music    ear
The Trumpet Hornpipe G  Sheet Music  Tabs  ear
Hornpipes - Set 2
The Galway Hornpipe D  Sheet Music  

Lucy Farr's G  Sheet Music  
Boys of Bluehill D  Sheet Music  
 Waltzes - Set 1
Starry Nights Of Shetland D  Sheet Music  

Stronsay Waltz A  Sheet Music  Tabs  ear
Rope Waltz D  Sheet Music    ear
Waltzes - Set 2 
Lovely Stornoway A

Sheet Music

Sheet Music

  Chords  ear
Leaving Lismore D  
My Home A  Tabs
Waltzes - Set 3
Flatwater Fran G  Sheet Music  Tabs
Margaret's Waltz A  Sheet Music    ear
Waltzes - Set 4  
Farewell To Govan A  Sheet Music     Chords  ear
Waltzes - Set 5
Skye Boat Song G  Sheet Music   Chords
Morag of Dunvegan D  Sheet Music    ear
Waltzes - Set 6 (Slow Jam)
Midnight on the Water D  Sheet Music  Chords
Maggie West's Waltz G  Sheet Music  ear
Waltzes - Set 7 - (Slow Jam)
The Dark Island G    Chords  ear
Glencoe G  ear
Mist Covered Mountains Am  ear
Polkas - Set 1
Glenside #1 D  Sheet Music  Tabs
Egan's D  Sheet Music  Tabs  ear
Glenside #2 Em  Sheet Music  Tabs  ear
John Ryan's D  Sheet Music  Tabs  ear
Polkas - Set 2 (Slow Jam)
Johnny O'Leary's Am  Sheet Music


The Rattlin' Bog D  Sheet Music
Ger The Rigger A  Sheet Music
We Won't Go Home Till Morning D  Sheet Music
Rakes of Mallow G  Sheet Music
Strathspeys - Set 1     
Oovie Avie Bm  Sheet Music    

The Keel Row G  Sheet Music  Tabs  ear
I Would Travel A Long Way Em  Sheet Music  TabsUkelele  ear
Fear A Phighe A  Sheet Music    ear
Strathspeys - Set 2
Calum's Road D  Sheet Music  

Memories of Father Angus MacDonell G      
The Hut on Staffin Island D  Sheet Music    ear
Airs - Set 1 (Slow Jam)
 The Sleeping Tune Bm  Sheet Music
Christchurch Cathedral G  ear

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