Bernadette Kellerman 250


Bernadette Kellermann is a violinist, composer and tutor based in Glasgow. Born and brought up in Regensburg, Germany, Bernadette started playing the violin at age five and received classical tuition until 2014. In July 2018 she graduated with a first class Honours degree in Traditional Music from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Having had no formal tuition in Scottish folk music or composition until the start of her degree at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, she has gained a unique approach to her musicianship, that is now defining her artistic outlook.

In her work as a composer and performer Bernadette takes on board various influences such as jazz, minimalism and more ‘classical’ concepts in order to develop her distinct style.

She is currently studying at the MSc Performance Psychology programme at the University of Edinburgh.

Aside from her own project Colourworks Bernadette is member of folk trio Farrland and the cross-genre collective Fat-Suit.




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