NEW: ‘THE SLOW JAM’ Thursday 5th Oct 8:30pm

Strathmore Bar

795 Maryhill Road


G20 7TL 

Since 2013 we have been running a Very Slow Session in various pubs and cafes, to encourage early-stage players of all instruments to play together  informally in a public space.

Some folks have been coming to these sessions and are beginning to feel confident with the sixty or so tunes that are played regularly.  They feel they could take the pace of playing ‘up a notch’.

On Thursday 5th October, starting at 8.30pm, there will be a tutor-led ‘Slow Jam’ (ie slighty FASTER than the VSS and with an expanding repertoire) at Strathmore Bar, Maryhill.

The Strathmore Bar have decided they liked what they heard when we had our first tentative go at this a few weeks ago, as indeed did the (applauding) punters! The plan might be do do one of these 'Slow Jams' once a month for the near future, depending on support.

The VERY SLOW Session will of course, continue in its established form on alternate Tuesdays.

Next Very Slow Session at CAFE SIEMPRE - 26th September

Cafe Siempre (162 Dumbarton Rd, Glasgow,  G11 6XE)

Delighted to continue in our fantastic new venue for our Very Slow Session at the wonderful Cafe Siempre!  

All material on Very Slow Session Sound Files, Chords and Music pages.  Tip for newcomers: take notes of the tunes you hear and work on them between sessions.  You'll soon recognise them.

Remember! Check sheet music pages for tablature suitable for mandolin and banjo... Cafe Siempre Very Slow Sessions usually 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month (always check here or Facebook) 

Early Bird (Alternate Tuesday) BEFORE the session  7:00pm-7:30pm


NEXT Early Bird: tbc

 See 'Sound files', 'Chords' and 'Music' 

Note: Everyone welcome, especially EARLY STAGE PLAYERS of ALL INSTRUMENTS .We have a standard repertoire of tunes we play regularly at the Very Slow Session.  Come and learn a new tune!

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 All sheet music, fingering, chords, sound files, mandolin/banjo tab available on VSS pages